Stichting Novumfonds (English)

Stichting Novumfonds was established in 2023 to enhance equal opportunities at Gymnasium Novum. Our mission is to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in all activities at Novum, even if their parents or guardians are unable to fully cover the associated costs. We want to financially support projects as well as other activities that increase equality of opportunity.

As Stichting Novumfonds we aim to achieve our goals by raising and setting aside funds to provide financial aid to our students when helpful and necessary. To achieve this goal we work together with the board, school management, teachers, support staff, the participation council, parents and students of Gymnasium Novum. We also seek to connect with individuals and institutions who share the same point of view as our foundation.

In order to reach our goal it is crucial that we openly talk about the difficulties regarding equality of opportunities. Applying for financial support for a student should be easily accessible via confidential conversations with a mentor/tutor, studentcoördinator, coördinator appropriate education, or any other Novum staff member with whom the student and/or guardians feel comfortable.

We are also open to requests for support from the foundation for projects and activities that aim to increase equality of opportunity. These requests can be submitted to the secretary of Stichting Novumfonds.

For the foundation, offering support is made possible by financial contributions from those who can and want to give; if you’d like to contribute to Stichting Novumfonds, you can donate at NL15 RABO 0365 9167 65. We are still setting up the foundation, so every contribution is welcome!

The board of Stichting Novumfonds consists of 7 members:

Geert-Jan Putmans (vice-principal): chairman
Jorg Janssen (parent): secretary
Richard Hermsen (teacher): treasurer
Sybren Heres Hoogerkamp (teacher)
Michiel Gorsse (parent)
Anne Pletneva (former student)
Baasnne Saeed (former student)

Susannah Herman (principal) is not a formal member of the board, but she is mandated by the board to coordinate the allocation of funds. You can contact Stichting Novumfonds by emailing Susannah Herman (